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Knitter of the Year 2019: The Winners Revealed!

6th March 2020


Knitter of the Year 2019: The Winners Revealed!

We’re excited to announce the winners of our fifth Knitter of the Year competition

The votes have been counted and the winners revealed. It’s been a close call this year and we’ve loved hearing your choices for Knitter of the Year 2019 With over 1,000 votes across all our nominees, we’d like to say massive congratulations to everyone to everyone who was shortlisted and nominated!

Three winners from each category have been selected and will be invited to attend out money-can’t-buy prize of a day out at King Cole on 26th March. This is what you have to say about your winners…



Local Superstar

Laura Lowe
You said: “Laura runs our local knit group in Sheffield, “F*** Off, I’m Counting”. She works hard to bring together local knitters in accessible surroundings. And I met my best knitty friend through her. We have knit in the pub/cafe meetings and trips out too! I am socially anxious and these meetings are a lifeline.”

Antje, The Yarn Cake in Glasgow
You said: “Antje’s shop is a well of goodness for knitters. She has a great range of yarn: price range big brands and indie. You can have some of her cake while you’re at it. Antje works to make the shop accessible. It is a small place where you can fit a wheelchair. There is no music to cater for people who need quiet spaces. Antje helps with knitting yarn choices. She’s open to new ideas. I think she is doing a great job for the local knitting community.”

The Baldy Sheep Yarn Shop, Longford, Ireland
You said: “Honestly this is the most amazing and brilliant yarn shop you are ever going to come across not only will the owner Patricia help you with choosing the right yarn she will help with tricky parts of patterns or just inspiration for a new project.”



Charity Hero

June Witt
You said “I would so love to see my 84 year old Mum have some recognition for all she has done for nearly 80 years of knitting. She was an avid Knitter from a very early age being taught by my Nan. I have never seen my mum without knitting needles and all her children and grandchildren have all had her hand made knits. She has raised thousands of pounds over the years for numerous charities donating not only the wool but her time. From Teddies Dolls Toys Boobs baby prenatal hats christmas items bed capes the list is endless. People in her town drop wool dolls and teddies in bags outside her door as they know she will dress them and donate them. The local charity shops tell her when a new batch of items come in for her to have the first browse. She has a spare bedroom taken over with every colour of wool you can think of its a haven for me and my sisters looking for the next project. She also helped to start up a local knitting group which went from 4 women to 80 plus which still meets the 1st Thursday every month in our local community campus. They are actually celebrating 20 years next year from their official starting date but for Mum it must be more like 25 years! Her Charities are British Heart Foundation The Local Corsham WI Dorothy House Hospice Our local Air Ambulance and lots of others. Even when she has had her own health issues and nursing our ill Dad she still found time to get her needles out. I would so love her to get some recognition and thanks for all her tireless work over the years.”

Ellie Conway
You said “Ellie has been coordinating the “Blankets for the homeless Glasgow” group. She has been making, sewing and delivering the blankets to charities that need them. She has kept doing all this while living with both MS and breast cancer. This is why I nominate Ellie today. She is a determined, creative, kind person.”

Chastity Dunlap
You said “Chastity Dunlap is doing a fundraiser for her new community dye studio where indie dyers who don’t have a dyeing space of their own can come dye yarn and even sell their yarn in the shop! It’s amazing and I hope she can reach her goal.”


Designer of the Year

Jane Reay
You said “Charming and gorgeous timeless children’s classics and she is absolutely the loveliest lady ever.”

Denise Bayron
You said “Her designs really speak for themselves!”

Tina Tse
You said “Tina is a rising star in the knitwear design world. She’s a fab newcomer with gorgeous designs in a huge size range!”


Online Innovator

Jeanette Sloan
You said: “Jeanette does the best work possible for BIPOC in fibre and is never afraid to step up to the challenges of others. Her way of using the online world to power her initiatives in the real world is amazing and deserves recognition.”

Francoise Danoy
You said: “Aroha knits. From beautiful patterns to groups and encouragement not knitters and people who want to learn to design. Her online fiber community and classes are phenomenal”

Grocery Girls
You said: “So open, kind and accessible; their YouTube podcasts always bring a smile to my face! And I got to meet them at a knitting festival and they were so kind!”


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