Knitter of the Year: Online Innovator shortlist

27th November 2019


Knitter of the Year: Online Innovator shortlist

Knitter of the Year


Meet the online innovators who have been nominated for the Knitter of the Year Awards 2019 and read about why they were nominated.

Lola of Third Vault Yarns
You said: “This online store sells beautiful hand dyed yarns, clubs and kits all with a super geeky theme. Every year she celebrates our love of SF conventions too with designing a yarn colour to match our convention!”

Clare Mountain-Manipon
You said: “I really really love this feed. It covers a lot of design technique in a very approachable way, along with some really nice lifestyle knitting content. Clare has also recently been very honest about the fact that she hasn’t been as inclusive as she could have been regarding sizes and has made significant efforts to rectify this both in her own work and in showing is how to do the same. I really respect this self-reflection and open approach to improving.

Missus Columbo
You said: “Gorgeous Instagram feed. Uses beautiful yarns and fabulous patterns. A pleasure to see her on my feed every day.”

Caroline – Dunderknit
You said: “Her podcast is really fun to watch!”

Mimi Codd
You said: “Inspiring Instagram feed and created the very handy “knitulator” tool which works out increases and decreases for you!”

You said: “I love her chunky knits and her behind the scenes stories. She is always willing and ready to help answer any questions even if they aren’t from her own patterns.”

Jeanette Sloan
You said: “Jeanette does the best work possible for BIPOC in fibre and is never afraid to step up to the challenges of others. Her way of using the online world to power her initiatives in the real world is amazing and deserves recognition.”

Cassidy Forbes (Ravelry)
You said: “Cassidy has shown extraordinary courage on a personal and global level through her work developing Ravelry and in the wider world of diversity and inclusion.”

Carla Hanson and the rest of the team behind Spin Together
You said: “Carla and her team organized an online spinning competition (and we all know that spinners love to knit too!). She took the model of a cancelled event and improved upon it pulling together a success fun week with very little lead time.”

Francoise Danoy
You said: “Aroha knits. From beautiful patterns to groups and encouragement not knitters and people who want to learn to design
He online fiber community and classes are phenomenal”

Grocery Girls
You said: “So open, kind and accessible; their YouTube podcasts always bring a smile to my face! And I got to meet them at a knitting festival and they were so kind!”

You said: “Because she such a crafted woman!”

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