Knitter of the Year 2019: Designer Shortlist

27th November 2019


Knitter of the Year 2019: Designer Shortlist

Knitter of the Year


Meet the designers who have been nominated for the Knitter of the Year Awards 2019 and read about why they were nominated.

Lorna Hamilton Brown
You said “Lorna is at the forefront of the discussions about BAME makers – and has been for the longest time. Her activism work, especially in machine knitting artworks are amazing and show what can be achieved through fibre and social activism. She’s not a designer who churns out lots of commercial designs but she’s an important presence. I’m not sure if I’ve put her I. The right category but she’s not just online and not just local – a globally important voice.”

Ann Kingstone
You said “Ann’s designs are gorgeous. I always look forward to her new designs.”

Jane Murison
You said “Jane is a fresh breath of air in an otherwise boring landscape of similar designs. Her work is surprisingly easy, has a distinct look and feel and she makes her patterns very understandable.”

Jane Reay
You said “Charming and gorgeous timeless children’s classics and she is absolutely the loveliest lady ever.”

Sylvia Watts-Cherry
You said “I discovered Sylvia through her patterns in Knit Now this year. Her designs are so well put-together, it looks like she’s been doing this for decades, but she’s still quite new!”

Marna Gilligan
You said “I met her at EYF and she was lovely. Plus, I adore her Simple Sinister Cat Sweater that I knitted!”

Noriko Ho
You said “First off, her designs are just so fun. But I am nominating Noriko because this past year she has worked really hard to update old patterns and create new patterns in a wide array of sizes. She has also gone to a “pay what you can” model for her patterns so more people can have access to them. And if all that wasn’t enough she has started a fund so she always has a stash of patterns to give away for free to those who cannot afford it AND she ran her first charity auction this year. Noriko is amazing and working so hard not to be just a great designer but a great example for the community.”

Francoise Danoy
You said “Her designs as Aroha Knits are beautiful and inspiring. Her journey and courage have bought together a community that loves her designs and willingness to help others.”

Jessie Mae Martinson
You said “I’m nominating her for bringing out patterns that make women of all shapes and sizes look absolutely knockout gorgeous. She consistently puts out size-inclusive beautiful designs with super clear and precise instructions.”

Sophie McKane
You said “I love her sweet designs for little ones.”

Tina Tse
You said “Tina is a rising star in the knitwear design world. She’s a fab newcomer with gorgeous designs in a huge size range!”

Denise Bayron
You said “Her designs really speak for themselves!”

Julie Dubreux
You said “She is inspiring and makes knitting fun!”

Lucile Ateliers Designs
You said “She made Aline, a wonderful book with 10 patterns.”

Laerke Bagger
She creates incredible designs with scrap yarn and beads that are on trend and absolutely beautiful.

Melina Hami or In A Panda’s World
You said “Because she worked hard to an inclusive gradation of her designs and share a lot of adivses to help each knitter in the ways to make own adaptations of every design.”

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