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5 Minutes with… Katie Matthews

5th December 2018


5 Minutes with… Katie Matthews

We sat down with Katie Matthews of Inside Number 23 to find out about what goes into creating an all-singing, all-dancing, all-knitting podcast

katie matthews

When did you first discover your passion for knitting?
I was taught to knit by my mum when I was 11 and made a series of lumpy garments in an array of horrendous colours that never fitted. I feel out of love with knitting for years and it was only in my early 20s I took it up again, mostly recreating 1940s and 50s cardigans and jumpers. Since then, rarely a day goes by that I don’t knit!

How did you come up with the idea for your podcast?
I wanted an outlet that combined my love for knitting and sewing with my background in performing, so podcasting was a no brainer! It has evolved over the years – I started following the structure of podcasting that was already out there, but I don’t restrict myself now and share everything I love. It keeps things fresh and I’m never bored.

Can you tell us a bit about the process of creating a podcast?
I think people underestimate how much of a commitment producing a podcast is! It’s time intensive, particularly if you upload episodes weekly like I do (or at least try to). Recording, editing and uploading and episode, together with writing show notes, can take a whole day, not to mention the work you put in creating content throughout the week by knitting and sewing. My podcast is in the back of my brain every day. I’m always thinking ‘I could include that in the podcast!’. Of course it’s even harder if you’re uploading daily content (something I do a few times a year). It’s a labour of love, but I adore the creative freedom. I wouldn’t continue if it didn’t bring me so much joy!

How do you decide what you’re going to talk about in your videos?
I always talk about the projects I’ve been working on and, deepening on my mood, that will either be knitting projects or sewing, as I swing between the two. I don’t restrict myself, so I aim to include things that make me happy. You’ll often find me singing in my podcasts, talking about movies with my husband or sharing silly videos of my pug puppy Roly! Inside Number 23 was always supposed to be a peek into all aspects of my creative life, not just knitting and sewing. I think people enjoy the personal feel. It’s like sitting down and chatting with friends!

What exciting things can we expect to see from you over the coming months?
The biggest thing in my life right now is that my husband and I are expecting out first child, so that’s definitely taking up the majority of my time! I’m determined to continue podcasting when our small human arrives, so we’ll see how that goes! I’m excited to continue growing Inside Number 23, creating more and better content, and finding new ways to connect with my wonderful audience. I’ve been planning a website for almost a year, so perhaps it’s time to bite the bullet and get on with it!

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  1. Grace

    I need the yarn used in that rainbow sock!!!!! It's gorgeous!

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