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Pattern Updates: Knit Now 96

4th December 2018


Pattern Updates: Knit Now 96

All Knit Now patterns undergo a rigorous series of checks before publication, but sometimes small errors do slip through. The following pattern updates have been reported in Issue 96.

knit now 96 pattern updates

Foxglove, Rowan Supplement, page 24

The pattern image printed on page 24 and throughout for Marie Wallin’s Foxglove pattern is incorrect. The image above shows the correct design the pattern will knit to.

Bindwood Shawl, page 65

The body section should read as follows:

Next Row (RS): K3, yo, k to marker, sm, work Row 1 of Pattern A from chart or written instructions to marker, sm, k to last 3 sts, yo, k3. 4 sts inc’d
Next Row (WS): K to marker, sm, work Row 2 of Pattern A to marker, sm, k to end.
Cont in patt as set, working **Pattern A once more, followed by Pattern B once more and then Pattern C once more; rep from **twice more. 261 sts
Work Pattern A once more. 273 sts. 
Cast off loosely as follows: K1, *sl last st from RH to LH needle, k2tog tbl; rep from * to end.

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