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Stitched Together: Chang Crafted

28th August 2018


Stitched Together: Chang Crafted

We caught up with Fiona from Chang Crafted, to find out more about what goes into running a yarn business!

What’s your shop called? Is there a story behind the name? 
The shop is called Chang Crafted. Chang is my surname and it is a play on “hand crafted”. My husband came up with it when I wanted to showcase my own makes on social media and it felt like the natural thing to carry the name on when I opened the shop.

Where is your shop and what is the neighbourhood like? 
Chang Crafted is in a very large village called Birchington on the North East Kent coast. We are close to Margate and the sea is a walk away. We have plenty of local residents and a fair number of holiday makers. The village itself doesn’t ever get uncomfortably uncrowded, but we have a thriving high street. The crafting community is vast and we have a large contingency of artists resident. This corner of the country has a love of vintage and a strong sense of nostalgia.

Who works at your shop? 
There is only one person at Chang Crafted, Fiona (me).

What makes your shop special? 
The shop itself is modern and quirky. I have a huge range of products on offer varying from beautiful high quality fibres to the more budget yarns in lots of colour shades. My own passion for making and crafting is reflected in the shop and people return to see me and make use of my knowledge and skills. The groups and classes are always very popular and I sell tea and coffee (which has been roasted locally).

What are your most popular yarns? 
I find the popularity of a product varies throughout the year. West Yorkshire Spinners and Regia sock yarns have been popular. Rowan is always a constant favourite. Is it coincidence that these are also my own personal choices?!

Do you have a knitting group? When do they meet? 
I have two groups that meet on a Tuesday afternoon and a Saturday morning.We also participate in yarn bombing and local projects.

What’s your favourite piece of knitting advice? 
I always tell people that you will develop your own style. Akin to handwriting, knitting is an individual thing. I will show you the technique, but you find your way of doing it. Don’t be afraid to try something new, you might just like it.

Address: 27 Station Road, Birchington, Kent CT7 9DB
Phone number: 01843 210105
Email address:
Twitter: @ChangCrafted
Facebook: Chang Crafted
Instagram: chang_crafted

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