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Pattern Updates: Knit Now 91

26th July 2018


Pattern Updates: Knit Now 91

All Knit Now patterns undergo a rigorous series of checks before publication, but sometimes small errors do slip through. The following pattern errors have been reported in Issue 91.

Ammerse Henley Top, page 58

The suggested quantities of King Cole Merino Blend DK were ommited from this pattern. They should be as follows:

6 (6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12) balls in Heather 162 (MC) and 1 ball each in gold 55 (CC1) and fuchsia 787 (CC2)

Sleepy Sheep Socks, page 43

Colour chart 1 shows the incorrect colours. For all squares that indicate to use shade F, use shade H. For row 12, use shade B for all stitches.

Colour chart 2 shows the incorrect colours. For all squares that indicate to use shade B, use shade D

Colour chart 4 shows the incorrect colours. For all squares that indicate to use shade E, use shade A

Shaun the Sheep, page 14

For ‘Eyes’ section, change to CC1 after row 7.

Newlyn Cardigan

Newlyn Cardigan, page 16
Row 2 of Right Front section should begin with K20 rather than P20.

  1. lyn Darling

    I have no pattern for the wind in the willows animals in my magazine

    • Liam Marshall

      Hi Lyn, the pattern for the Wind in the Willows characters can be found in your 10 Quick Knits bonus book. Alternatively, you can download all 10 patterns by visitng

  2. Leona

    Just spotted another error in issue 91, chart 2 of the sleepy sheep socks should be yarn D (light sky blue) not yarn B (cerise) as stated, otherwise the poor sheep will be surrounded in bright pink instead of lovely blue sky

    • Liam Marshall

      Hi Leona, thank you for pointing this out for us. I've added this update to the post above!

      • Leona King

        Now that I've completed my first sock, and after double checking with the pattern on the drops website, in addition to the chart 2 colour error, I've spotted a couple of other errors with the charts. Chart 1, colour F should be Colour H. Row 12 should all be done in colour B. Chart 4 - the colour E squares should be colour A.

  3. Catherine Britton

    Hello team, I’m doing the blanket KAL very successfully so far, but this month my square doesn’t look like the one pictured. My cables appear directly above each other rather than being offset as in the picture. Should row 11 begin and end with k2 instead of k1 like row 5?

  4. Catherine Britton

    Please ignore my last post, I just worked out what I was doing wrong. Embarrassed. 😬

    • Liam Marshall

      Hi Catherine, no problem at all. We're glad you were able to work this out and complete the square!

  5. Phyllis Vernon

    Issue 91, Brine scarf---- The yarn length of Illustrious is 225m, not 122, does this affect the no of balls required

    • Liam Marshall

      Hi Phyllis, we're very sorry for the long delay in getting back to you and for the mistake in this pattern. The incorrect yardage shouldn't affect the number of skeins required.

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