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5 Minutes with… Julie Williams

24th July 2018


5 Minutes with… Julie Williams

Designer Julie Williams, is best known for her hugely popular blog Little Cotton Rabbits. We’ve been chatting to Julie to find out more about the day to day life of a knitting blogger.

Hi Julie! How are you and what’s on your needles today?
Hi, I’m good thanks. I seem to have rather a lot of projects on the go at the moment but the one that I’m finding it hardest to put down is a pair of socks I’m making in some rather gorgeous hand-dyed yarn. I’m quite new to sock knitting and now just a tiny bit obsessed!

Why did you decide to start Little Cotton Rabbits?
It was around the time that my youngest child started school and I wanted to find some crafty companionship to distract myself from worrying about him. All of my friends at the time were not into knitting so I thought an online space might help me find some like-minded wool lovers and happily I was right. I was around nine when I first learned how to do it myself – my mum and Gangan (gran) were both avid knitters.

You share a lot on your blog, from beautiful knits and patterns to thoughts on day-to-day life. What do you feel makes your blog ‘stand out’?
Hopefully there is some balance but it’s not something that I really plan for. I tend to just go with the flow so the blog is a bit of a mish-mash, but then that’s life isn’t it? Any blog is an edited glimpse into a person’s life but I do try and share both the good and the bad bits. I hope the things that make the blog stand out are my love of knitting and maybe the sharing of our family experiences with our severely autistic son can help others or at least give an insight.

What’s the best piece of knitting advice you’ve ever received?
Knit with your heart; ignore what is currently fashionable or what everyone else is making and just make what pleases you the most (thanks Mum).

Do you have any advice for knitters who are thinking of starting their own blog?
Don’t wait, jump right in. It’s easy to over-think what to write and to worry whether anyone will read it but just be yourself, write with candour and share the things that make you happy.

Finally, is there anything exciting coming up that you’d like our readers to know about?
I’m excited to be working on some new ideas for patterns but nothing is imminent – these days it takes me a long time to get patterns to a point where I feel they are ready.

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