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Stitched Together: Wye Wools

28th November 2016


Stitched Together: Wye Wools

We caught up with Linda of Wye Wools, to find out more about her shop!

Wye Wools

What’s your shop called? Is there a story behind the name? 

Wye Wools . A visiting rep came up with it as the town of Bakewell is situated on the river Wye, so I agreed it was a great name.

wye wools 3

Where is your shop and what is the neighbourhood like?

It is in the heart of the tourist town and is a very upmarket place.

Who works at your shop?

Myself, Linda, and Kim.

What makes your shop special?

I stock very a lot of different plus unique yarns, King Cole, Sidar, Stylecraft, Adriafil, Bergere de France, Knit Pro needles and a huge range of patterns.

wye wools 2

What are your most popular yarns?

King Cole, Stylecraft, Sirdar, & Bergere.


What’s your favourite piece of knitting advice?

Always finish the project you’re on with; don’t start another!

wye wools 5


Wye Wools
11 Water Street
DE45 1EW

Phone number
07913 307752

Email address

Wye Wools



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