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Stitched Together: Yarn Etc

22nd November 2016


Stitched Together: Yarn Etc

We caught up with Fiona, owner of Yarn Etc, to find out more about her shop!

Yarn etc

What’s your shop called? Is there a story behind the name?

My Shop is called Yarn Etc and I opened it in March this year. It was previously a wool shop and the previous owner was retiring so I asked if I could take it on. I wanted a catchy name that pretty much ‘says what it is on the tin’ and the ‘etc’ part keeps it open ended so I can be flexible with my products – I plan to branch out in to yarn tops and felting products.

Where is your shop and what is the neighbourhood like?

My shop is on one of the main roads in to Harrogate. It is opposite the rear of the hospital and we get lots of passing trade from people on their way to appointments there. We are on the edge of the Stray which is a beautiful grass area which surrounds Harrogate town centre on three sides.


Who works at your shop?

It’s mainly me and my lovely mum covers one day a week. I also have two brilliant friends who both cover for holidays and any extra days off I need. I have a brilliant support network and anyone will stand in or come and talk to customers if I need to crack on with orders or accounts etc.

What makes your shop special?

It is such a lovely warm, colourful place. Everyone who walks in says ‘wow’. I wanted a really welcoming place where you can sit around the big table, just bring your knitting and crochet and have a chat and a cuppa. We also run loads of classes (I have an amazing crochet teacher and her classes are very popular) and it’s a lively chatter filled place with lots of oohing an aah-ing over the colours and gorgeous yarns.


What are your most popular yarns?

Stylecraft Special DK is obviously the top selling yarn; it is such a fab acrylic and very popular with its rainbow of colours. We are always playing with colour palettes on the big table, we can spend hours putting combinations together. I also sell Scheepjes yarn which is really very popular too. There are not many shops in the UK selling it. It was one I was determined to stock as I have spent a lot of time over the last 10 years working in Holland and it was my go to yarn. I love it all and am spreading the love of it throughout Yorkshire now.

Do you have a knitting group? When do they meet?

We do, it is called Yarnaholics and it is on every other Monday evening. Everyone is welcome, knitters, crocheters (hookers), felters, cross stitchers, anyone who enjoys crafting and wants to spend time with likeminded people having a laugh and eating cake. What’s not to love!
I also have a Wednesday afternoon group who have been with me from the start, they defected from another venue to come and join me in the shop. They have been meeting for many years and are a wonderful group of ladies. I am also going to be setting up a daytime group on Monday as demand is high for daytime groups.

What’s your favourite piece of knitting advice?

In truth, I am a better hooker than a knitter but I’m learning! I learned to knit by knitting socks, everyone thought I was made but my attitude is in for a penny in for a pound, lets learn loads of stitches in one go!! It works for me.


Yarn Etc
17 Knaresborough Road

Phone number
01423 885565

Coming Soon!

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