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Knit a Nurse for Newlife

21st January 2014


Knit a Nurse for Newlife

Knit up a nurse to help raise money for disabled children’s charity NewLife.

Knit a Nurse

The NewLife charity has supporting disabled children and their families for over 20 years and their latest campaigns clals on knitters to make a collectible nurse.

Here’s how you can help:

– Using the pattern provided, create your own collectable knitted Newlife Nurses.
– Tell your friends and family about the Newlife Nurse knitting challenge.
– Spread the Newlife message by completing the ‘birth’ certificate (below) and attach it to yourNurse.
– Send the finished knitted Newlife Nurse to the following address:
  Newlife Foundation, Newlife Centre, Hemlock Way, Cannock, Staffordshire, WS11 7GF.

For more information take a look on the NewLife foundation website here.

Legs, body and head

Right leg
Begin at the base of right foot and, using white, cast on 7 sts. Mark the 7th st with a coloured thread, then cast on 10 more sts. 17sts.
P1 row
Next row: Inc K wise into every st. 34 sts
Beginning with a P row, continue in St st and work 9 rows.
Break off white and join flesh colour wool for bare leg.

Shape foot:
Next row: K4, (K2tog) 9 times, K 12. 25 sts
P1 row
Next row: K4, (K2tog) 5 times, K11. 20 sts
St st 19 rows.
Break off yarn and leave sts on a spare double-pointed needle.

Left leg
Begin at base of left foot and, using white, cast on 11 sts. Mark the 11th st with a coloured thread, then cast on 6 more
sts. 17 sts
P 1 row.
Next row: inc K wise into every st. 34 sts
Beginning with a P row, continue in St st and work 9 rows.
Break off white and join flesh colour wool for bare leg.

Shape foot:
Next row: K12 (K2tog) 9 times, K 4. 25sts
Next row: K11, (K2tog) 5 times, K4. 20 sts
St st 19 rows.
Break off yarn and join on white for pants.

Body and Head
Mark each end of next row with a coloured thread.
With right side of work facing and using white, K across the 20 sts of the left leg on the knitting needle, then across the
20 sts of the right leg on the spare needle. 40 sts
St st 13 rows.
Break off white and join blue for upper body.
St st 10 rows.

Shape sides
Next row: K6 (K2tog) 5 times, K8, (K2tog) 5 times, K6. 30 sts
St st 3 rows.
Break off blue and join on flesh coloured wool for head.
St st 4 rows.
Inc to shape head
Next row : (K1, inc in next 2 sts) to end. 50 sts
St st 23 rows.
Shape top of head
Next row: K2,(K2tog, K2) to end-38sts
P1 row.
Next row: K2,(K2tog, K1) to end-26sts.
Next row: (P2tog) to end-13 sts
B & T loosely.

Making up legs, body, head
Join row ends of body and head from the coloured threads to B&T sts, leaving
a gap for stuffing. Join row ends of each leg from coloured threads to cast on edges.
The coloured thread at each cast on edge marks the centre front of each foot. Beginning at each of these coloured threads, oversew cast on sts together. The leg seams will now be turned slightly to the inside leg positions. Turn doll right side out.
Stuff feet, then legs and body through gap in seam. Each leg should measure 11cm around. The body should measure 21 cm around the waist. Close gap in seam. Stuff neck, then head. Head should measure 24cm around. Pull up the B&T length of yarn slightly and continue stuffing to round off top of head. Pull up the length of yarn tightly and fasten off.
To shape the neck, use two strands of yarn to match the head and gather round the first knitted row of the head colour. Pull up the gathers very tightly and knot ends of yarn. Sew yarn ends into neck.

To shape thumb (doll facing you)
Using flesh coloured wool, take needle through toy, 2 rows down and 2 sts in on the hand. Make a loop over end of hand and pull tight to make thumb shape. Make another st in the same place. Fasten off wool securely.
Repeat for other thumb.

Using a colour of your choice for the eyes, starting and fastening off yarn end as described in working embroidered stitches. Mark eye positions with pins, 12 knitted rows above the head inc shaping row, leaving 4 clear knitted stitches between pins. For one eye work a straight st starting at marked position and ending 2 knitted stitches below the marked stitch. Work another stitch in the same
position. Work a straight st to make eye into a cross. Work another stitch in the same place.
Repeat for the other eye.
Please feel free to customise your nurse by adding glasses, freckles, etc. Use red yarn for the mouth. Work two small stitches to form V-shape, with lower point of V at centre of face and 4 knitted rows above the head inc shaping row. Colour cheeks with red pencil.

Shoe bows 
Make to 12cm single twisted white cords. Tie each one in a bow and sew to centre of feet.
Using black yarn, work a backstitch either side of bow knot. Make another back stitch joining top of each black stitch and another joining the bottom of the black stitches. This will form the shoe buckle as illustrated.

Hair piece
Notes: Use suitable hair colour and 4.5mm knitting needles.
First knitted row is wrong side.
Cast on 16 sts.
1st and 2nd rows: K
3rd row: Cast off 2sts, K to last 3 sts, turn
4th row: K to end
5th row: Inc in first 2 sts, K to last 5 sts, turn.
6th row: K to end.
Repeat these six rows 11 more times.
Cast off.
Oversew cast on and cast off edges together. Gather round the short set of row ends, pull up tightly and fasten off.
Turn right side out.
Place the piece on doll’s head with seam at centre back. Pin each wavy point to the head, then sew in place as pinned.

Arms Make two alike.
Begin at end of hand and, using yarn to match head, cast on 8 sts.
P1 row.
Next row: Inc K wise into every st. 16 st
Beginning with a P row, St st 19 rows.
Ending with P row.
Break off yarn and join colour for sleeve. With right side facing G st 2 rows.
Next row: K3, (inc in next st,K2) 3 times, inc in next st, K3. 20sts.
Beginning with P row, continue in St st and work 3 rows.

Shape top:
Cast off 3 sts at beginning of next 2 rows. 14 sts
Dec 1 st at each end of next 4 rows. 6 sts
Next row: (K2tog) to end 3 sts. Cast off.

To make up:
Join row ends of each arm leaving the top shaped edges open. Oversew across cast on sts. Turn right side out and stuff lightly. Pin the open top edges to sides of doll, with cast off edges just below the doll’s neck. Sew in place as pinned, adding more stuffing at tops of arms if necessary.

Sleeve Cuffs (Make two alike)
Using white, cast on 20 sts and st-st 3 rows. Cast off.
Oversew row ends of each cuff together. Turn right side out. Place one on each arm, with cast off edge level with lower edge of sleeve and seam at under-arm. Sew in place.

Skirt and Apron (Knitted in one piece)
Begin at lower edge and, using blue, cast on 72 sts.
G st 2 rows.
Beginning with a K row, St st 2 rows.
Break off blue and join on white for apron.
G st 2 rows.
Beginning with K row, St st 16 rows.
Next row: (K2, K2tog) to end. 54 sts
Cast off.

Apron bib
Begin at top edge and, using white, cast on 14sts.
St st 11 rows, but K the first and last st on every P row.
Cast off.

Sew bib to centre front of doll, with cast off edge level with cast off edge of apron.

Split a length of dark grey yarn to get a fine strand.
On the apron bib work two small vertical stitches side by side, with two tiny horizontal stitches across top end. At other end, work four tiny back-stitches to form a circle, then oversew through each back stitch.

Begin at front edge and, using white, cast on 40 sts.
G-st 2 rows.
Beginning with a K row, st-st 15 rows, but K the first 2 sts and last 2 sts on every P row.
Next row; K.
Shape for back section
Next row: Cast off 12 sts P wise [one st now remains on the right hand needle], P15 sts, then cast off remaining 12 sts P wise. 16sts remain at centre of piece.
With wrong side of St st facing, rejoin yarn to the first st of 16 sts. Beginning with a P row, St st 16 rows, for back section of the cap.
G st 2 rows, then cast off.
With right side of st-st outside, oversew each set of 12 cast off sts to the adjacent set of row ends of back section.
Place cap on doll’s head as illustrated and sew in place.

Begin at lower edge and, using white, cast on 38 sts.
K 1 row [right side], then cast off.
Place cast off edge around doll’s neck and catch ends of cast off edge together at centre front.
Sew cast on edge of collar to doll.

Using red yarn, cast on 2 sts.
G st as many rows needed to fit around doll’s waist.
Cast off. Loosely sew belt around doll’s waist.

Using red yarn, cast on 72 sts.
G st 4 rows.
1st row: K.
2nd row: K4, P to last 4 sts, K4.
Repeat last 2 rows 7 times.
Next row: K 4, K2tog tbl, K7, K2tog tbl, K7, K2tog tbl, K7, K2tog, K7, K2tog, K7, K2tog, K7, K2tog, K8 K 4. 65 sts
Next row: as row 1
Next row: K4, K2tog tbl,K6, K2tog tbl, K 6,K2tog tbl, K 6, K2tog tbl, K5, K2tog, K6, K2tog, K6, K2tog, K6, K2tog, K6, K2tog, K4. 57 sts
Next row: as row 1.
Next row: K4,K2tog tbl, K5, K2tog tbl,K5, K2tog tbl, K5, K2tog tbl, K3, K2tog, K5, K2tog, K5, K2tog, K5, K2tog, K4. 49 sts
Next row: as row 1.
Next row: K4, K2tog tbl K4, K2tog tbl K4, K2tog tbl, K4, K2tog tbl K1, K2tog K4, K2tog K4,K2tog K4, K2tog K4. 41 sts
Next row: as row 1.
With right side facing, cast on 12 sts.
Next row: K.
Next row: K to last 3 sts, cast off 1st,K1.
Next row: K2, cast on 1st, K to end.
Cast off.
Sew small button on left side of cape to fasten.

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