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Kendal Knitter’s Poppy Appeal

25th November 2013


Kendal Knitter’s Poppy Appeal

We loved hearing about this group’s success raising money with knitted poppies!

Poppy Appeal

When Wendy Higson had the idea to raise money for the Royal British Legion by selling knitted and crocheted poppies, she didn’t know just how much of a success they’d be – just take a listen to her story, below.

“At the start of this year’s Poppy Appeal, a group of ladies at Kendal’s Knit Natter Stitch and Chatter decided that it would be a fitting tribute to knit and crochet a collection of poppies to sell in the Rifleman’s Arms, Kendal where they meet every Wednesday night.  My idea was that we could raise around £100 for the Royal British Legion, however, on the first evening we were making them, both men and women were approaching us asking what we were doing and whether they could buy one there and then!  

What was intended to be a small project soon grew into a mad rush to make as many as we could before Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day with Wendy’s husband Dave making a giant knitted poppy to go on display in the Rifleman’s which gathered even more attention. Soon the landlady was taking orders and we just couldn’t keep up with the demand explained Wendy, we were making them whenever and wherever we possibly could with one of our ladies even making them in the Chinese Takeaway one night whilst waiting for her tea.

Each poppy was individually made so it was lovely to have such a varied collection and as a group, we are delighted to announce that in just three weeks, the ongoing clicking of needles with red wool and black buttons we raised an outstanding £642.00 for the Royal British Legion and a presentation of the cheque along with a crocheted poppy was made to David Horsman of The Royal British Legion on Wednesday 13 November.  We are so pleased with the final total said Wendy and already we are getting requests for next year!”

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