Knit Camp 2014

24th October 2013


Knit Camp 2014

Know someone who needs a push into picking up their needles? Why not enrol them in Knit Camp 2014 as a great Christmas gift. 

Knit Camp 2014

After the success of Crochet Camp, run by Kat Goldin last summer, she’s now teamed up with knitwear designers Joanne Scrace and Libby Summers to launch Knit Camp, a project which aims to help those people desperately wanting to learn how to knit.

The online course will have step by step lessons free on Kat’s blog Slugs on the Refrigerator and there are three free patterns on offer, designed specifically for the course in Libby Summer’s Fine Aran to help practise your skills. Kat has designed a pair of wrist warmers, Joanne a knit flat hat, and Libby a mini hot water bottle.

The course covers all the basics – knit, purl, basic shaping, texture, casting on and off and finishing techniques – and with clear photo instructions online, they’ll be sailing. And they won’t have to feel they’re in it by themselves. The best part about the Knit Camp is that knitting newbies can join the Facebook group, where you can discuss techniques, get help from the designers and others, and share project successes with other learning knitters.

You can also buy the materials and patterns for the projects in kit form, ready to pre-order now, which will be delivered mid-November in plenty of time for Christmas, for £35 from the Knit Camp website.

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