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Dundee’s Big Knit Record Attempt

30th August 2013


Dundee’s Big Knit Record Attempt

Did you read about Dundee’s Big Knit world record attempt in a previous issue of Knit Now? It’s coming up soon!

Dundee big knit

Norma Duncan wanted to spread a positive message in her home town of Dundee, so she decided to try for the Guinness World Record of most people knitting in one venue. The number to beat, set recently by the WI is 3,083 people, but as Norma’s managed to arrange for the event to take place in the 15,000 capacity Dundee United Football Club, who knows how many people they could end up with! Anything they do will be a Scottish record, but the ladies really want to fill the stadium and get a huge, world record-beating number!

The Big Knit 2013 is being held on Sunday, 8th September 2-4pm, with any money being raised through donations going to Alzheimer’s charities. For more information keep an eye on the Facebook page:

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