The Knit Now Awards

13th February 2013


The Knit Now Awards

Have you cast your vote yet?


In the latest issue of Knit Now, you might have noticed a little booklet asking you to vote in 2013’s Knit Now Awards. The votes have come flooding in so far, but we want all of you to have your say on who, what and where has made you enjoy being a knitter in the last year.

Here’s a breakdown of the awards for which you can nominate those special woolly people and places in your life:

Your favourite shop to buy yarn in person

The bricks-and-mortar shop you like to visit to top up your stash.

Your favourite shop to buy yarn online

For those who buy from the internet, share where you think’s best to buy!

Your favourite British yarn

A yarn spun from the wool of British breed sheep from anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Your favourite baby yarn

What you like to knit in for the little ones.

Your favourite budget yarn

A yarn you love at a price you love too!

Your favourite luxury yarn

Splashing out on a project? What’s your go-to yarn for a luxury finish?

Your favourite knitting designer

From Knit Now or beyond, which designer inspires you?

Your favourite knitting website

The first stop in your bookmark bar for all things knitting.

Your favourite knitting blogger

Who captures you imagination with their online ramblings?

Your favourite knitting book published in 2012/2013

The book that has taken pride of place on your bookshelf this year.

Your favourite knitting show/event

Where’s your destination for celebrating your love of knitting?

If you’d like to cast your vote in these awards, you can do so here or by filling in the form in the magazine and posting it to the address on the back of the form. You’ll also be able to answer some questions about you and your knitting habits to help make Knit Now magazine even better.

To thank you for your time, we’ve got a whole load of yarn, books and patterns up for grabs for one lucky winner, but we’re keeping the specifics under our hat for now as we don’t want to sway your vote!

Feel free to get your knitting friends involved as well – even if they don’t read Knit Now magazine. We want to crown the people’s champion (and they might decide they love us too in the end!) Tweet or share it on Facebook and spread the word, we want to hear from you!

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  1. Janice Wellstead

    I love knitting magazines subsribed to yours wish there were more adult clothed to knit tho,get bored knitting toy and gloves and scarves,i needsome more interesting things,i love Knitting as im on chemo and its made my finger nerves numb and it helps to knit

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