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Errata: issue 15

20th December 2012


Errata: issue 15

All Knit Now patterns undergo a rigorous series of checks before publication, but sometimes small errors do slip through. The following errors have been reported in Issue 15:


Deirdre Sweater, Knitting Calendar p.30

Unfortunately the lace chart for this pattern was missing from the printed version. Here is the chart that should have appeared in the magazine:

Note: Corrections/errata from earlier issues are posted on Ravelry here.

  1. Karen Butler

    Issue 14, Gamer socks errata Cast on should be 80sts for L size. Placement for chart B and toe is incorrect. As written, Chart B would be centred at the side of the foot instead of the top. The toe decreases would also be at the top and bottom of the foot, instead of at the sides. Heel instructions. Markers as placed mean there are fewer sts at the back of the heel than the under heel. The heel decreases encroach on the game over wording in L size. It would be impossible to fit this wording on heel of M size. Distributing sts so they are equal at back and base and centering chart at back of heel eliminates this problem and makes neat heel grafting possible.

  2. Mary Ridd

    Confused over edging on hay meadow shawl, issue 14. Can you advise, please. I am not used to lace knitting, but it appears that the edging is only written up for the top, or longest edge of the shawl. Do I pick up down the other two edges? Mary.

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