21 Mar

Stitched Together: Neath Valley Wools, Neath

We caught up with Janet of Neath Valley Wools in Neath, to find out more about what goes into running a yarn business!

What’s your shop called? Is there a story behind the name?
Neath Valley Wools. Our wool shop is based in the beautiful Neath Valley and we wanted to give the shop a regional identity.

Where is your shop and what is the neighbourhood like?
Our shop is located on the Glynneath High Street, just down the road from the stunning Pont-neddfechan (Pontneathvaughan) Waterfalls. We are on the border of the Brecon National Park.

Who works at your shop?
I usually work alone in the shop, but occasionally have the support of my husband and daughters.

What makes your shop special?
My shop is the regional specialist wool shop, with an increasing range of wools and yarns.

What are your most popular yarns?
Manos, Debbie Bliss, Adriafil, Opal sock yarns, WYS

Do you have a knitting group? When do they meet?
We are starting a knitting group later this year, initially as one evening every fortnight. We will also be running workshops on Saturdays.

What’s your favourite piece of knitting advice?
Do a tension square!

75 High Street,
West Glamorgan.
SA11 5AL

Phone number: 07981206258
Website: www.smallscrafts.co.uk
Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Twitter: NVWools
Facebook: facebook.com/nvwools
Instagram: janet_nvwools
Ravelry: www.ravelry.com/shops/neath-valley-wools

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