23 Jan

The Pussyhat Project

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Editorial assistant Jenny takes a look at the phenomenon that is the Pussyhat Project, which took the Women’s Marches across the world by storm last weekend.


If you’ve been watching the news over the past few days, or have simply logged in to Facebook or Twitter, you can’t have missed the huge events that took place in the US and across the globe. In response to the US Presidential Election, on Saturday 21st January people all over the world took to the streets to join in the Women’s March on Washington.

This march took place not just in Washington D.C., but across the globe in cities such as New York, London, Manchester, Paris and more.

You might have spotted a lot of people wearing distinctive pink ‘pussyhats’ as well. These knitted hats were part of the Pussyhat Project, which you can find out more about online by clicking the link, and even knit your own! Even if you didn’t have one for the march, or couldn’t make it, you can show your support for women’s rights across the globe and knit one up for yourself. I can’t wait to cast one on myself tonight. The pattern is easy with an interesting construction, and can be personalised to suit you.

Or, for those of you who crochet, try this alternative pattern from Gamer Crafting.


It's great to see knitting being used as a peaceful, creative way of bringing people together and showing solidarity and support for a cause! A flash mob choir, wearing the distinctive hats, were even caught on camera singing what came to be heard as the unofficial anthem of the event(s). 

We asked Twitter to send us some of their pictures in hats, and from the march, and we weren't disappointed by the responses!


Instagam user Lora (@wickedhomemade) tallied up a whopping 31 hats to take to the Women's March in Boston!


Jessica Burko (Twitter - @JessicaBurko) was also at the Boston march, and knit hats for her friends and family, including her 5 year old daughter who proudly marched along too. 


A true sign of the community spirit in the marches, one of our favourite knitters Ysolda Teague was rescued by a complete stranger in Washington DC when she remarked that maybe she should have brought a Scottish flag - how wonderful!


Knitted just minutes before the Denver march started, Jonna Gjevre gave her 9th knitted hat to a lady who was carrying a sign that read "This Muslim Loves America"


It's not just the women who wore the hats with pride! Christopher French (Twitter - @vtknitboy) is pictured here with Madeleine Kunin; the first woman Governor of Vermont. Chris was up until 2am to make sure his hat was finished - and it looks like it was worth the effort. 


Jeni Reid was at the Edinburgh march and saw some terrific hats!


If you want to continue the spirit of the marches, there are some wonderful charites who support women and girls all over the world. Some of our favourite charities to support are:


Women's Aid


Million Women Rise

Rape Crisis England & Wales

Rape Crisis Scotland



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