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Louise Walker - Knitted Wigs

Louise Walker - Knitted Wigs © Cater News Agency

We were amazed at these knitted wigs by 22-year-old knitter Louise Walker so we got in touch to ask about her inspiration!

When we came across these knitted wigs circulating on the internet, we were so impressed we had to show Knit Now readers. The designer, 22-year-old Louise Walker, kindly talked to us about her inspiration and her life as a knitter!

Tell me a little about your knitting background?

I started knitting about two years ago, my sister, a textile student, was learning for her course and I was really interested. My Nan is an amazing knitter, and I think I have always been in awe of the jumpers she has made for me, she always inspires whatever I craft.  


Where did the idea for knitted wigs come from?

The inital idea for the wigs was all to do with identity, how people perceive hair and how iconic certain styles are. I looked into vintage hair styles, contrasting them against the contemporary way I made the images.  

How do you hope to further the project?

I am currently working on writing up the patterns for the wigs, whilst making bespoke commissions of them (some for chemotherapy patients).  I aim to share them so knitters can make them for their loved ones or themselves. I am also looking at expanding the series with new designs - I would love to publish them in a book.


Did you look at any particular person’s hairstyles for inspiration for your wigs?

Yes, each images is based on an iconic hair style between the 1920s and 1970s. I researched in to film stars for inspiration such as Marion Davis and Fay Wray, looking at their appearance, not only for the hair but for the make up as well.


What other projects are you working on?

I am currently working on some concept ideas for my next big knitted project (I keep thinking about whales and tassels), as well as the knitting patterns that I will be featuring on my blog - the latest is a small Chinese dragon based on the traditional dragon dance.


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