11 Jul

Interview: Danielle Holke - KnitHacker

KnitHacker is one of our favourite ways to wile away a lunchtime in the office, so we thought we'd get in touch with Danielle holke to talk about the site and her favourite inter-knit funnies! 

If you've not checked out the KnitHacker website before, we'll see you in a few hours! After you've spent a little too long going through the pages of knit and crochet fun, come back and read our interview with the woman behind the blog, Danielle Holke.

All images used have been submitted to KnitHacker and remain the copyright of the owner. 


Why did you decide to start Knit Hacker?

In 2008 I was inspired by the web site IKEAhackers, which showcases mods and re-purposed Ikea products. It's simply brilliant. I wanted to do something similar with fibre arts ... and Knithacker was born.


Can you think of your favourite hack you’ve seen?

Personally, I love this one "Leningrad Cowboys Go America KNITHACK!" which features an awesome WIP by miquraffreshia. It combines two of my favourite things, Finnish film director Aki Kaurismaki and knithacking. In terms of popularity, these monster bum pants for toddlers are among the top knithacker posts and people go absolutely nuts for this "cat shrug".


Have you ever been inspired to recreate anything from the site?

That's a great question. The celebrity amigurumi trend is super-fun and if I was better skilled with crochet, I might try my hand there -- I'm still perfecting my magic circle. I also like it when artists dream up weird mash-ups, like this Hello Kitty Hannibal Lecter - it's so random and awesome.


What sort of things do you like to knit?

I like to knit robots, especially Jess Hutchison's robot pattern from her book Unusual Toys for You to Knit and Enjoy, socks and purses.


What kind of yarns do you like to use?

It depends on what I'm making. I don't mind using colourful acrylic yarns for robots. I love scooping up vintage yarns from thrift shops - I think it's important to use up old materials and there's a lot of old yarn out there! For garments, I tend to use natural fibres, which you don't tend to find at thrift shops.

Do you crochet too?

I'm learning. My first crochet project was a round picture frame and it actually came out quite well. I haven't made anything I'm super-pleased with since then - I'll keep trying!


Do you have your own personal blog to you’d like to share?

I have a blog that's mostly a repository for Instagram photos these days, lilyonthedustbin.com and of course I have knithacker.com too.

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